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Our Beaches

Seabrook Island lays claim to one of the widest, longest, and most dynamic beach shorelines in the Coastal Carolinas! There are almost four miles of pristine and peaceful sandy locales for you to explore.

North Beach is the first place light touches at dawn on Seabrook. It begins with an overture of rolling dunes held in place by sea oats and wax myrtles. The sheer size of North Beach makes it a dynamic part of the island. Wildlife is abundant here, and the soft sand is the perfect place to take everything in and watch for our resident dolphin pod.

Pelican Beach, also known as Sunset Beach, is very peaceful and is a perfect choice for young children to swim in the gentle waves and slow currents of the Edisto River as it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

The Sands at the Beach Club is where the action is! Head to the oceanfront pools, full-service bars, and restaurants to relax and enjoy the view. Here you can see both the sunrise and the sunset without ever leaving your chair. And you’ll have a full day of fun in between!

Getting to the Beach - Boardwalks

See the map for specific locations.

  • Handicap beach access is at #1 and #9.

  • Beach wheelchairs are available at #1.

  • For access through the gate please call 843.768.6641.

  • Showers are located at #1, #5, and #7.

  • Boardwalk #7 is next to the Beach Club where you will find restaurants and restrooms.

Helpful Information

  • The 25 mph speed limit is strictly enforced.

  • Only pass another vehicle if you are waved by, and do not pass bicycles at traffic island.

  • All vehicle operators must have a valid driver’s license and registration in their possession at all times. Pedestrians, joggers, and skaters must keep on the left side facing traffic on roads.

  • No beach parking on roads or in villa parking areas.

  • Use designated beach access parking areas and boardwalks.

  • Store beach and recreational equipment out of sight. Do not leave these on the beach overnight. Beach towels, bathing suits, and other fabrics may not be hung on exterior railings.

  • The boat ramp is reserved for property owners and their accompanied guests.

  • No walking, jogging, or biking on the golf courses or cart paths. Golfers only!

  • Radio/TV/Music volume should be low and not disturb neighbors.

  • No use of fireworks, firearms, pellet guns, bow and arrows, sling-shots, or other weapons.

Contact the Security Gate at 843.768.6641 for beach bonfire permits.

Beach Rules for Dogs

See the map for designated areas

Please do not allow your dog to chase the shorebirds. This negatively impacts their

necessary rest and eating behaviors.

• April 1 - September 30 •

Within the designated areas, before 10 AM and after 5 PM, dogs are allowed off leash. Outside of the designated areas, dogs must be on a leash at all times.

• October 1 - March 31 •

Within the designated areas, dogs may be off leash at any time of day. Outside the designated areas, dogs may be off leash before 10 AM and after 5 PM.


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