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Seabrook Island Wildlife

The Seabrook Island community is dedicated to protecting and preserving the island’s natural resources. An Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary, Seabrook is home to various wildlife, including bobcats, red and gray foxes, and white-tailed deer. Bottlenose dolphins often feed near Captain Sam’s Inlet during low tide. More than 30 species of reptiles can be found on the island, such as alligators, tree frogs, and chameleons. However, the loggerhead sea turtle is the reptile that gets the most attention. The island is also a haven for over 80 amazing bird species, including bald eagles, roseate spoonbills, pelicans, egrets, osprey, and more.

Dolphin Strand Feeding

The dolphins in our area are known for strand feeding, where they push fish onto the beach and then follow to devour them. We hope you are fortunate enough to witness this rare and incredible sight. More common in the spring and fall, feeding activity typically peaks within two hours of low tide.

Take a look at this unique feeding behavior!

A favorite viewing spot is at the northernmost tip of North Beach at the Captain Sam’s Inlet.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Do NOT try to get close to, touch, swim with, or feed the dolphins – it’s dangerous and illegal.

  • Keep your distance – avoid approaching a dolphin within 50 yards from a boat/kayak and 15 yards on land. Restricted area - no dogs allowed.

  • Keep noise to a minimum.

  • Report any inappropriate action to beach patrol.

Lights out for Sea Turtles

**May 15 - October 31**

Turn off all lights visible from the beach by 9 PM. Turning off beach lights at night is crucial for the protection of sea turtles. Artificial lights can disorient hatchlings, leading them away from the sea and towards danger. By minimizing light pollution, we create a safer environment for these vulnerable creatures, ensuring they follow their natural instincts and increase their chances of survival. Help preserve sea turtle populations by being mindful of the impact your lights can have on their critical journey from nest to ocean.

Our Beaches are Critical Habitat Areas

  • Obey all signage

  • Please keep off the dunes

  • Do not approach turtles, hatchlings, or turtle nests

  • Do not allow dogs to chase birds

  • Never swim with or feed the dolphins – it’s dangerous and illegal

  • Fill in any holes on the beach when you leave

  • Glass containers may not be used on the beach

Seabrook Island Club Alligator Policy

Click HERE to view our Alligator Policy


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